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Suppliers: Modular Wall Systems.

Modular Wall Systems™ has developed a lightweight modular gate kit, a stylish panel that seamlessly integrates into an existing fence and is an easy DIY project.  While the kit has been introduced to complement homes with an existing Modular Wall Systems™ or SlimWall™ fence, the gate kit offers a stylish solution for any home requiring a gate. Made from strong panel technology, these gates are solid in appearance, yet lightweight and high impact-resistant making them easy to open and close. Lightweight also means less likelihood of excessive strain on the hinges, ensuring the gate won’t drag or drop; and the latch therefore remains aligned and secure. The gate kits [priced from $595] come with a 1500mm, 1800mm or 2100mm panel, together with hinges and latches. The panel can be easily trimmed to size on site to fit any dimension then painted in any colour or render finish to match existing fencing and complement the home’s exterior.

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