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Suppliers: Pittella Imports.

Pittella’s latest bathroom accessories have been designed by celebrated Italian architectural talents; and are available in Pittella’s signature finishes of Rose Gold, Satin Brass and Black Opaque. The development of these luxurious new finishes for the bathroom provides a unified palette that allows door and furniture hardware designs to transfer into the bathroom to create unified décor.

CUT COLLECTION DESIGNED BY MAURIZIO DURANTI. Sleek and understated, the Cut Collection features a range of striking accessories, such as towel rails, shelves, soap and paper holders, robe hooks and toilet brushes. The Cut Collection is a fine example of Duranti’s ability to blend ergonomics with pure elegance.

BELT COLLECTION DESIGNED BY LUDOVICA & ROBERTO PALOMBA. The Belt Collection features beautifully simple designs enhanced by distinctive leather accents in black or brown. The collection includes a towel rail, tumbler holder, shelf, soap holder, paper holders, robe hooks and a hair dryer holder. The Cut Collection brings a modern, masculine charm to bathroom accessories.

ECCO ECCO COLLECTION DESIGNED BY MICHEL BOUCQUILLON. The clean, simple lines of the Ecco Ecco Collection bring a timeless elegance to bathroom accessories, including a shelf, tumbler and soap holder, a towel rail and ring, a sponge holder, toilet brushes and robe hooks.

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