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Suppliers: Highgrove Bathrooms.

Highgrove Bathrooms [Qld, NSW, Act, Vic, and SA] help you indulge that craving for a tropical downpour in the shower with their 250mm square Monsoon Bompani Ceiling Mount Shower [$295], which replicates the luxurious feeling of generous rainfall. Rainfall shower-heads are renowned for enhancing a shower’s tranquillity; and the Monsoon Bompani will cleanse you with its clever yet simple design. Mounted flush with your shower’s ceiling it fits seamlessly into a bathroom’s aesthetic. Expanding possibilities this shower-head combines clean and contemporary design with retrofit installation. The ceiling mount bracket and square shower head are both made from polished stainless steel; and it has a WELS 3-Star rating, using 9-litres per minute.

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