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Joining Uniden’s range of dash-cams is the intuitive iGO Cam 755 [$229.95] offering exceptional image quality and a host of useful features for daily commuting and long road trips. It has Full HD+ resolution and is ideal for recreational and professional drivers; as well as daily commuters and Tradies who want back-up in the event of a road-related incident or dispute. With the help of advanced accident recording “black box” technologies, a built-in G-sensor and Collision Detection Mode, the camera identifies any changes in motion to instantly trigger recording.

Delivering the best possible images on a dash cam device, the iGO Cam 755 offers Full HD+ resolution. This improved video quality makes it easier to report traffic events and accidents to police and insurance companies. Other safety features include a speed camera warning which alerts you to upcoming fixed speed cameras and red light cameras, reminding you to slow down. Lane Assist provides you with visual and audible alerts when the vehicle is drifting over a lane while in motion*. Lane Assist is designed to prompt long journey motorists and drivers prone to fatigue, such as truck drivers, to take adequate breaks throughout the trip.

In addition to the safety benefits, the enhanced video footage lets recreational road users capture scenic drives and off-road adventures in crisp detail; while the time lapse recording feature lets you capture long journeys in a one-to-two-minute video. A 2.7” inch LCD colour display offers a bright, easy-to-view screen. Other features include a micro SD slot and Night Vision for clear footage, even in low lit environments.

As a plug-and-play unit, this compact device is easy to set-up and use. A quick release clip allows it to be easily dismantled; while its compact and portable design allows you to easily move it between vehicles as required. Other features and benefits include: G-sensor and Collision Detection Mode; loop recording; geotagging saves details of the location where an incident occurred; car plate stamp makes it easy to identify the user’s number plate while viewing footage; and a multi positioning cable for easy assembling.

* The Lane Assist feature requires correct calibration to capture road markers. Lane Assist is ideal for driving on main highways with adequate road markings; but is limited in poor visibility or where there are inconsistent or faded road markings.

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