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The Dimplex Q-Rad is a slim, stylish and intelligent panel heater that utilises advanced technology to give you complete control with maximum flexibility in heating, warming your home for less. Combining radiant and convection heating elements with a self-learning adaptive control system, the Q-Rad provides heat exactly when it’s wanted. The self-learning adaptive control system on Q-Rad acquires the thermal characteristics of your room to determine when the appliance will need to start in order to reach the targeted temperature. If you want your room at 21-degrees at 7:00am, you no longer need to guess when your heater needs to turn on: the Q-Rad decides for you saving you from over or under heating.

This clever feature is based on factors such as room size, heat losses and current weather conditions; and is therefore ideal for climates that change dramatically and rapidly. Should a window or door be left open accidentally, the smart draught sensor will detect this and reduce heating thereby avoiding wastage and saving you money. There are two models: 1.5KW [$699.95] and 2KW [$749.95]; made in the UK with a 7 year warranty.

Other features include: pilot wire connectivity; boost function; 24-hour 7-day timer; optional wireless communication; battery backup; LCD backlight; reprogrammable memory; wall mounting. Stockists: The Good Guys, Harvey Norman, Betta Electrical, Bing Lee, Appliances Online and electrical wholesalers.

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