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Kohler has released a collection of bathroom accessories in a range of precious metal finishes: rose gold; brushed bronze; and brushed nickel. Designed to bring a finishing touch of style and luxury to any bathroom renovation, the accessories are all in Kohler’s minimalist Purist design. Purist is a collection of tapware – basin, bath and shower – offering classic simplicity and unadorned styling. These matching, timeless accessories provide the finishing elements in any bathroom design. Each metallic finish retains its vibrancy and does not dull over time.

The collection of five accessories comprises the statement-making hotelier shelf for towels; a towel bar; towel ring; robe hook; and vertical toilet paper holder. Each is a perfect match for the Purist collection of tapware and will also complement Kohler’s Composed, Stillness, Cuff and Singulier tapware collections. Kohler’s Purist accessories are also available in polished chrome. Pricing:

  • Purist Towel Bar, 60cm, Brushed Bronze $299
  • Purist Towel Bar, 60cm, Brushed Nickel $299
  • Purist Towel Bar, 60cm, Rose Gold $299
  • Purist Towel Ring, Brushed Bronze $219
  • Purist Towel Ring, Brushed Nickel $219
  • Purist Towel Ring, Rose Gold $219
  • Purist Robe Hook, Brushed Bronze $ 99
  • Purist Robe Hook, Brushed Nickel $ 99
  • Purist Robe Hook, Rose Gold $ 99
  • Purist Vertical Toilet Tissue Holder, Brushed Bronze $179
  • Purist Vertical Toilet Tissue Holder, Brushed Nickel $179
  • Purist Vertical Toilet Tissue Holder, Rose Gold $179

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