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The release of Kohler’s Veil toilet, in a wall faced design, is the ultimate pairing of ergonomic design and customised personal cleansing, operated via a touchscreen LCD remote control. Every aspect of the Veil toilet experience is hands free – including an auto, touchless flush – with a focus on absolute comfort. The cover and ergonomically designed seat are motion-activated; while the temperature of the heated seat can be adjusted for optimal comfort. And for total peace of mind, the bowl can be LED-lit for night-time visits.

Combining a toilet and a modern-day bidet, the Veil’s advanced personal cleansing functions can be customised for water temperature; spray style, position and pressure; plus pulsate and oscillate functions. The precision air dryer can also be adjusted to personal preferences for temperature. On sitting down, a fan is activated which draws air from the toilet bowl through a carbon filter to remove odours to help keep the bathroom fresh. In line with the hands-free design of the Veil – which sports an uber-hygienic rimless bowl – the wand is self-cleaning, using UV light and electrolysed water systems to sanitise its surfaces.

The Veil wall faced intelligent toilet, by Kohler, is a compact, one-piece toilet with elongated bowl for added room and comfort. It features an in-wall fully concealed cistern with a 4-star WELS rating using a 3/4.5L flush. RRP is $6569. The Veil is also available in a wall-hung configuration for $6069.

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