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Smeg’s latest collection – Dolce Stil Novo – is a range of luxury kitchen appliances that introduces technology experienced by professional chefs. It is Smeg’s finest yet, where the brand’s passion for food and design meets the highest level of precision engineering. Designed by Italian architect Guido Canali, Dolce Stil Novo comprises premium level appliances such as steam assist ovens, blade flame gas cooktops, multifunction blast chillers and wine cellars.

Smeg’s Dolce Stil Novo Steam Assist Oven offers the choice of both traditional baking and natural, healthy steam assisted cooking. The latter ensures meats and fish are succulent and moist [while minimising shrinkage]; and crusty bread is golden on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The Steam Assist Oven provides programmable steam injection at three different levels to ensure the perfect amount of steam at the precise time for roasting, baking and grilling. A distinct advantage of programmed steam is faster cooking times and healthier cooking [less fat]; and by reducing the cooking time, a higher level of nutrients.

Kitchen renovators may be surprised to know that while using the steam assisted cooking programmes, ingredients can still be crisped and browned on the outside. And when braising, roasting and slow cooking, ingredients are cooked more gently yet more quickly. Even breads, pastries and soufflés benefit from steam assisted cooking. When regenerating or reheating food in the steam assist oven, the dish will retain its moisture and not dry out. Other specialist programmes within the oven include Defrost, Proving, Sabbath Mode, Eco Pyrolytic and Pyrolytic. There are also descaling and rinsing programmes for the steam mechanism.

Smeg’s Dolce Stil Novo Steam Assist Oven, in black Eclipse glass and refined detailing in either copper or stainless steel, is designed to align with other appliances from the collection. When not in use the oven’s black Eclipse glass remains opaque; and transparent when the oven is on. Model number SFPA6604ST; priced at $5990.

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