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Suppliers: ILVE Appliances.
The latest cooktop from ILVE, SuperINOX was designed to revive the way home renovators look at stainless steel kitchen appliances. SuperINOX stainless steel is made in Italy from a 4.8mm thick sheet of steel, a robust material chosen specifically to handle anything a cook throws at it. Kitchens flaunting stainless steel appliances are still very trendy in the home; therefore ILVE has approached SuperINOX in two sizes: 77cm and 90cm. ILVE has changed the traditional arrangement of the burners and control knobs, giving the cooktop a contemporary feel while using a classic colour finish. The edges are also elegantly bevelled making the cooktop look like it is part of the benchtop – an alternative to a flush mounted design; and it houses a dual WOK burner so heat and intensity can be controlled. Pricing:
• ILVE SuperINOX Cooktop 77cm from $2,199 Incl. GST
• ILVE SuperINOX Cooktop 90cm from $2,499 Incl. GST

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