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Wattyl’s annual colour forecast for 2019 points to a widespread desire for calm and simplicity in a world where many home renovators and home decorators feel overwhelmed with fast-paced living and the myriad choices for home design. Many are accordingly embracing craft and wellness, honesty and authenticity as an antidote and buffer. We are creating interiors that are domestic cocoons exuding sensory tactility, where minimalism continues to flourish through the use of colour and considered aesthetics – and design instils emotion.

Wattyl has produced four distinct colour palettes that provide home decorators with a canvas with which to create a personal interpretation of a look where design meets emotion and craft; and technology and wellness intersect. The four palettes in the Wattyl 2109 colour trend forecast are Well Rounded; Green Scene; Sensory Darks; and High Expectations.

WELL ROUNDED. Blurring the lines of downtime, dreamtime and worktime, this palette reflects the melding of conventionally separate spaces such as work and home to create a more harmonious life balance and increased flexibility in our working/leisure ratio. Simple plains of balanced colour ensure calming, open, androgynous spaces that perform as places for rest, recreation and productivity.

  • Cave
  • Sooty Owl
  • Phantom Grey
  • Vitesse

GREEN SCENE. The integration of wellness, nature and conscious design is fundamental, across homes and lifestyle products, to surrounding ourselves with the natural, the organic and low impact design. The use of plants in interiors, to both clean the air and satisfy our cravings for nature and the outdoors, is now widespread. The Green Scene palette of nature-inspired hues, dominated by soft greens, is restful, natural, muted and fresh.

  • Cloud
  • Rhino
  • Nougat
  • Peahen Egg

SENSORY DARKS. Rich, dark hues have the ability to cocoon us, allowing us to disconnect and concentrate only on the timelessness of our surroundings. Deep, rich tones of blue and green, touched by glimmers of metallics and mustard, are essential to complement tactile surfaces and luxurious textures.

  • Sashimi
  • Midnight Seas
  • Dry Straw
  • Grey Pearl

HIGH EXPECTATIONS. Many of us crave the highly considered aesthetic, with fresh gourmet colours, that graces many an insta post – colours such as an evolved millennial pink matched with ink blue and raspberry accents. The look is luxe and tailored, exuding quality and tactile beauty.

  • Tombola
  • Limousine
  • Harissa
  • Kitty Grey


Image Credit: Styling and Props by Domayne.

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