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Whirlpool has developed a new range of Crisp n Grill microwave ovens that allow you to make everything from crispy fries, to baking a cake, roasting a chicken and delivering oven quality, healthy results in a fraction of the time it would take in a traditional oven. For example a 500g beef roast can be prepared in just 10 minutes, served alongside crispy potatoes that take just 20 minutes. There are 5 models in the range:

JT479IX Crisp N Grill in Stainless Steel. 31L capacity. 1000 watt microwave power. $999. A sleek and stylish convection microwave. The drop-down door exudes benchtop oven comparisons; and the stainless steel finish, LCD screen and sleek central knob ensures a natural fit with modern kitchen design. The microwave oven automatically sets the cooking time and power levels based on the type of food to be cooked.  The 3D distribution system ensures even heating within the cavity, thanks to dual-emission points. Combining the Crisp Plate with the Crisp Function and powerful Quartz Grill, you can cook crispy pizza, roast chicken and crispy potatoes.

JQ280IX Crisp N Grill in Stainless Steel. 29L capacity. 950 watt microwave power. $699. Cooking a 500g beef roast in 10 minutes and serving it with crispy potatoes in just 20 minutes, this is an innovative benchtop convection microwave made for the busy household. Featuring pre-set recipes via the ChefMenu, 6th SENSE technology detects the size and weight of foods and sets the cooking parameters automatically. Delivering exceptional cooking results, its sleek stainless steel finish features a touch key panel and easy to navigate central knob, making it easy to cook your favourite oven-quality meals at microwave speed. Steaming vegetables and cooking rice and pasta are easy with the Steam function; while toasting a sandwich is possible thanks to the Crisp Plate, Crisp Function and powerful Quartz Grill.

MWCF25BK Crisp N Grill in Black. 25L capacity. 800 watt microwave power.  $659. Featuring 17 pre-programmed recipes via the ChefMenu, assisting you to cook a range of meals at the touch of a button, the innovative CrispFry function combines with the Crisp Plate and Quartz Grill to fry food such as chips and battered fish without oil. A healthier way to enjoy your favourite fried foods, cooking oven-quality recipes at the speed of a microwave is made possible thanks to the 900W grill and 800W microwave power. Combined with features such as Forced Air, Steam and Defrost, a sleek black finish and LCD touch-button panel, this model is a sleek and stylish oven replacement for the busy home.

MWC25 Crisp N Grill in Black or White. 25L capacity. 800 watt microwave power. $479. Affordable and innovative, the MWC25 is the perfect addition to the kitchen that is limited on space. Cooking pizzas that are crispy both top and bottom is possible with the clever Crisp Plate. Combined with the Crisp Function and powerful Quartz Grill, the cavity heats up quick, delivering deliciously crispy homemade pizza in just 8 minutes. Defrosting frozen bread like it was baked that same day is possible with the special Bread Defrost function, which combines the Jet Defrost and Crisp Functions for the perfect, fluffy accompaniment for soup.

MWT25 Microwave in Black or White. 25L capacity. 90W – 900W microwave power. $259. The MT25 features 90W to 900W microwave power, making it a versatile appliance for any use, from softening ice cream to reheating soup. Combined with the steam accessory and steam microwave function, you can cook rice and pasta while also steaming vegetables, fish or chicken fillets. Offering the functionality of a traditional microwave with the addition of innovative features, such as the AutoCook menu with 15 built-in recipes, the MWT25 makes defrosting and reheating quick and simple.

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