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For summer 2018/19, Dulux predicts that interiors will embrace the idea of soft minimalism, with palettes featuring gentle, nurturing colours, contrasting textures and dustings of mint and lemon coming to the fore. With the wellness movement in full swing, the focus in home design is on creating calming, reflective interior spaces that allow us to block out the visual noise, and turn our attention to self-care. Wholeself is one of the four palettes identified in the 2019 Dulux Colour Forecast “Filter”. This soothing collection comprises muted shades of powdery pinks and warm neutrals, enlivened by accents of muted citrus and minty blue-green. It speaks of simplicity and understated luxury and pairs beautifully with mid-tone timbers, soft undulating lines and relaxed design detailing.

Wholeself has a serene yet cocooning feel, with gentle colours and subtle textural layering that hints at creative exploration and new beginnings. Powdery peach/pink has emerged as a key base colour, with accents of clay, gold and blue-green adding a fresh, modern spin. Dulux says that you can expect to see a paring back of the overdone or unnecessary; with the idea of surrounding yourself with furniture and accessories that serve a purpose and bring you happiness. Environment-awareness will be an important thread running through design in 2019; rather than discarding those pieces we no longer have a use for, we’ll be encouraged to repurpose or reimagine them in a new way.

When choosing colours from this trend palette, think about how they’ll work with your existing furniture, flooring and soft furnishings. You should also factor in the room type and any colours in adjoining spaces. One area where this palette works particularly well is the bedroom. In this space it can create a calm and restful feel. If you want to include a smaller volume of these new colours in other rooms, you could use them on a single wall, a feature nook, and a piece of furniture or a door.

Dulux Australia – Summer Trends 2019. Stylist Bree Leech. Photographer Lisa Cohen.

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