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Smeg has released their domestic Blast Chiller as part of its Dolce Stil Novo appliances range. This Blast Chiller dramatically reduces the time it takes to reduce the temperature of food.  It takes just 90 minutes to take food from a cooked temperature of 90? C to a refrigerated temperature of 3?C.  The benefits are threefold for those who like to cook ahead: a huge reduction in harmful bacteria; an extension of the life of stored foods; and retention of the levels of texture, aroma and nutrients in stored foods. The Blast Chiller has 8 other distinct functions:

DEEP FREEZING. Food can be deep frozen much faster, reaching -35?C in just 270 minutes.  While the food maintains its original colour, texture and flavour, this process prevents the formation of ice crystals which, when defrosted, alter the structure of the food and result in loss of nutrients.  There is no freezer burn.

DEFROST. Of the many methods of defrosting, Smeg says that a Blast Chiller delivers the best results.   Food is thawed quickly and evenly without any heat, so the texture and quality remains uncompromised and the protein content and structure are maintained.  The internal temperature of the food is precisely controlled while the natural moisture content and aroma are retained.

LOW TEMPERATURE COOKING. Food is cooked at a constant temperature that is lower than conventional cooking temperatures.  Results are par excellence; meat is more tender and juicy; and the food retains the same texture and colour all the way through.

DELAY START/PRONTO. An excellent feature for busy families.  Food can be kept at fridge temperature until ready to be reheated – all within the most stringent food safety parameters.  Meals can be programmed to be ready to eat at any given time without any risk of contamination by bacteria [often caused when food sits at room temperature for extended periods].

TEMPERATURE HOLDING. Food can be kept at a pre-determined temperature [between -35?C and +75?C] for as long as required.

BEVERAGE CHILLING. Wine and beverages can be rapidly chilled in minutes rather than hours.

PROVING. Optimum conditions for proving dough. Time, temperature and humidity levels can be individually programmed.

SANITISING. Raw fish can sometimes pose a health risk if contaminated with the parasite Anisakis.  This programme will eliminate this risk by deep freezing the product at -20?C and then bring it back to 3?C.

Dolce Stil Novo is a premium kitchen collection, designed and made in Italy and produced with master craftsmanship and world-class technology.  Its signature Eclipse black glass oven doors are integral to the beauty of the collection – the black opaque glass delivers harmony with other appliances when not in use; but then become clear when the oven or blast chiller is turned on.  Refined stainless steel or copper detailing complements the sleek, mirrored surfaces. The Blast Chiller retails for $7490 and carries a five year warranty.

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