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Suppliers: DuPont™ Corian®.

The Tweed Terrace House challenges typical Gold Coast architecture. Comprising two pods, the unique home was conceived by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain and brought to reality by Raunik Design Group. The process took over 3 years but has resulted in a home that is now a local landmark. The innovative craftsmanship continues inside the home. Corian® has been used extensively in the living quarters pod. The architects wanted a product that looks like it flows with the curved walls and emerges from the walls; with its own form and dissipate in its own way.

Corian® has allowed a seamless, curved and organic finish. The colour selections have been made mindfully to suit the rooms and their purpose. The bathrooms see Antarctica finished to a gloss level for the curved bathroom vanity tops with integrated basins; while a smooth matte finish was used for the bed surround and shelves, evoking a sense of calm in Glacier White.

Technically, the designs called for expert fabrication with complex curves and thermoforming throughout. Prototypes were made to test the material performance; as well as the ergonomics and depths of the bathroom basins.

Photography by Rezolution Photography.

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