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Creating comfortable living in your home begins with spaces that are free of clutter. To enable this to happen you need plenty of storage.  Most homes have an attic of some size, where up to 30% of the home’s total capacity could be lying dormant, so why not use it for storage?  From a simple attic ladder installation, through to a custom designed roof storage solution, you can reclaim your home from clutter and unlock an impressive new storage area.

For as little as $500 an Attic Ladder can be supplied which provides you with easy access to your roof space. An Attic Storage Room can cost between $2,000 – $10,000, tailored to suit your budget and needs. The Attic Group offers basic storage options right through to a dust proof storage room, creating a clean area that will not only protect your valuables, but also add value to your home.

Compared to a commercial ground floor lock up storage unit, a basic attic storage conversion can pay for itself in less than 5 months; and adds permanent value to your home.  It makes economic sense to invest to increase the value of your home with a convenient and permanent attic storage solution that unlocks your roof space.

Tips for optimising the use of your attic storage space:

Make Use of Height for Storage. Rather than just stack boxes or simply dump items on the floor of your attic, consider setting up shelving to take advantage of vertical space. Taking measurements is important here to avoid problems and maximise your storage capacity. By measuring every nook, eave and narrow space, you can figure out how to put your shelving together in a way that takes full advantage of the space available.

Use Proper Storage Containers. Using sealable plastic containers will protect your stored items from exposure to moisture and other damage far better than cardboard boxes. For maximum storage efficiency, find identical containers that exactly fit your shelving and stack neatly on top of each other. Group your storage items together in the same container; and store similar item containers in the same area, which will make finding them much easier than distributing similar items in different places.

Set Up a Labelling System. Not many of us have a photographic memory, so if you want to be able to find anything in storage, you’ll need to set up a labelling system. Putting labels on the outside of your storage containers can save from wasting time opening everything up to take a look inside; making a mess; and having to organise it again. Your labelling regime doesn’t have to be too sophisticated; just a simple description of the types of items can be enough to save you time on searching.

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