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Suppliers: Clipsal by Schneider Electric.

Home renovators can now easily and safely change their light switches to complement the décor look and feel of their home design with the new Iconic Styl range from Clipsal by Schneider Electric. The Iconic range is gaining popularity due to its smart design and modern functionality. Light switches and power points are important elements of home design, not only because of their functionality, but also as ways to showcase style and sophistication. Now home renovators and designers have the opportunity to add their design touch simply and safely to any room. The innovative design of the Iconic range allows anyone to safely change the look of switches and sockets by swapping out the skin. The skin simply pivots and clicks out; and a new one can be clipped on in its place allowing you to make the simple change anytime you are looking to update the look during a home renovation or décor change. The Clipsal Iconic range is a future-proof solution both in terms of aesthetics and new technologies, all while ensuring the delivery of a safe and reliable electrical solution with sophisticated smart home features. The range offers smartphone or tablet app-controlled dimming, time control, and energy saving options, with Bluetooth-enabled switches. Iconic’s new skin design simply clips onto standard, previously installed Iconic grids, which means electricians need to carry only one base range of mechs and grids; and mix-and-match skin options to suit the home renovation design. The Styl range is made with anodised aluminium and is available in three metallic on-trend finishes: Silver; Crowne; and Silver Shadow. The range has a sophisticated appearance designed to suit any home design, with more new skin designs to come.

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