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If home is where the heart is, the entryway is the main artery. It waves goodbye to you as you leave in the morning and greets you when you come home every evening. The entrance to your home should be welcoming, a reflection of you and your family. Just like families, entryways come in all shapes and sizes, so a one-size fits all approach to entryway lighting does not apply and a personal touch is most certainly recommended during a home renovation. Here, Urban Lighting provides some advice.

For those with a long narrow hallway, adequate lighting is important. It will help guide guests to where they are going and welcome them to your home. A beautiful way to achieve this is by placing downlights or step lights to illuminate the space; highlighting artworks; and creating washes of light. For a more traditional look, wall lights placed down the hallway can achieve the same goal. In larger open spaces, statement pendants will wow you and your guests every time. Another thing to remember is having well placed switches so you are only momentarily fumbling around in the dark. Outdoors entry lighting is equally important to make a best first impression. Bollards or inground lights are an impressive way to subtly lead your guests down the garden path. This can be teamed with a pair of inviting wall lights to highlight your front door. Welcome!

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  • North Perth House by Chindarsi Architects
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