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Samsung Electronics Australia and RACV recently announced nationwide availability of smart home offering SmartThings®. Samsung SmartThings can upgrade a home renovation into a smart home by helping to wirelessly connect a range of compatible smart devices, such as home appliances, TVs, audio systems, smartphones and tablets; as well as a growing list of other compatible products. While expanding distribution across Australia, RACV is also offering customers in the Melbourne Metro area the option of professional installation to help Victorians get the most out of the new RACV Smart Home Starter Kit.

Through the combination of the SmartThings mobile app and SmartThings Wi-Fi hub, home renovators just about anywhere in the country can easily manage connected devices around the home as well as compatible voice assistant services. SmartThings allows home renovators to connect the SmartThings Hub to multiple compatible smart third-party devices such as cameras, lights, locks and speakers.  Once connected these devices can be managed through the SmartThings app to simplify everyday tasks at home. The benefit of SmartThings and Samsung’s growing portfolio of connected products is that you can integrate with a range of compatible products from other brands.

The RACV Smart Home Starter Kit is available Australiawide from RACV as a self-installed offer for $299 + $13.50 postage & handling. You can request a Smart Home Starter Kit at Those in the Melbourne Metro area [postcodes 3000-3210] can also choose to purchase the RACV Smart Home Starter Kit and installation by a RACV smart home expert for $378. Both options include:

  • 1 x SmartThings Wi-Fi hub
  • 2 x SmartThings multipurpose sensors.
  • 3 x SmartThings motion sensors

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