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Fisher & Paykel recently revealed their versatile Quad Door Fridge Freezer in two versions: RF605QDUVX1 905mm, 605L, Ice & Water [$4099]; and RF605QDVX1 905mm, 605L [$3699]. There are a number of innovative features:

Variable Temperature Zone. With this new fridge you can organise your food and drink storage by temperature to suit the way you shop, cook and entertain, utilising its four zones: two fridges; one freezer; and one variable temperature zone. These various temperatures mean you can keep your salads crisp; your drinks and seafood chilled; and your lamb and steaks partially thawed for dinner. You can use the variable-zone on a daily basis for extra fridge space; to defrost food for faster meal preparation; or as a bar-fridge when entertaining.

Design Quality. The flat stainless steel panel doors with brushed metal handles allow you to easily wipe away fingerprints and other marks. Inside, cantilevered shelves, extendable drawers and door racks provide multiple storage options; plus the materials and design make access and cleaning easy. Affixed to the back rather than the fridge-sides allows the solid glass shelves to be raised or lowered without being removed. Their spill-safe design catches drips or leaks, making them easy to clean inside the fridge. Storage bins are fully extendable for complete access and can be easily removed to clean.

ActiveSmart™ Foodcare. Responds to your everyday use to keep food and drinks fresher and lasting longer. A sensor monitors when and how often the door is opened so that your fridge intuitively adapts to the way you live and distributes cool air to maintain consistent and stable temperatures when needed. This fridge rapidly chills new items to a safe temperature; quickly freezes foods to retain moisture and nutrients; and intelligently selects the best time to defrost. If you’re away on holiday, it will recognise less use and defrost less often. The Humidity Control System seals the lids of the storage bins to create a higher humidity microclimate that keeps fresh fruit and vegetables hydrated to retain their flavour, texture, colour and nutrients for longer.

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