Categories: Vacuum Cleaners.
Suppliers: Ecovacs Robotics.

The ECOVACS DEEBOT 900 [$799] is an intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner that will take the chores out of vacuuming the house. Put the broom away and set a quick vacuum around the house whilst you get on with your day. Equipped with Smart Navi Technology, the DEEBOT 900 scans and maps your home for customisable vacuum cleaner choices, such as cleaning specific rooms; spot cleaning for stubborn messes; or scheduling a clean when you’re out and about, all viewable on your smartphone with the ECOVACS App. Running on a 100-minute cleaning time, the DEEBOT 900 will automatically return to the charging station; reboot its battery; and return to the area it left off to continue cleaning. You can make your cleaning even easier using Google Home or Amazon Alexa, to engage the DEEBOT 900 via voice control, whereby you can tell it to start and pause cleaning, and return to the charger. Available from Appliances Online and Godfreys.

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