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The Multicook & Stir from French brand Tefal is a convenient appliance that takes the hard work out of preparing delicious home cooked meals. The self-stirring technology and integrated stirring paddle is designed to operate according to the selected program to ensure consistent cooking results. The self-stirring paddle helps prevent ingredients from burning on the bottom of the pot and helps create a consistent and homogeneous mixture. The self-stirring paddle helps achieve perfect sautéing and browning of ingredients for automatic stir-fries and hands-free sautéing. The self-stir paddle is also invaluable with the slow cooking program [up to 9 hours] as you can sauté and sear in the same pot, meaning less cleaning up. The ceramic pot promotes perfect heat circulation through circular heat convection for optimum cooking performance. The distinctive circular shape of the pot ensures that everything cooks evenly.

The Tefal Multicook & Stir features an intuitive control panel with 18 cooking modes and up to 71 programs including sauté, slow cook, rice, dough rising and keep-warm to mention just a few. There is also a DIY mode for added versatility and ease of use. The Delayed-Start function allows you to plan your cooking up to 24 hours in advance. With Fuzzy Logic technology, the Multicook & Stir automatically adjusts the cooking time and temperature to achieve optimum cooking performance.  It’s stylish enough to make its home right on the kitchen benchtop with its the sleek black and dark chrome finish; while the convenient handle makes this kitchen appliance easy to move around. It’s priced at $249.95; includes a recipe book and accessories; and available from March 2019.

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