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HomeLeisure’s® WaterSaver™ self-watering pots [distributed by Master Distributors] are made in Australia and available in a variety of contemporary and traditional styles, sizes and colours; with a reservoir in-built at the bottom of the pot. When the plant detects water at the bottom of the pot, the roots pass through a perforated insert into the reservoir. The roots then draw water from the reservoir as required, avoiding overwatering. Excessive watering is a problem for plants as waterlogged soil reduces the amount of available air inhibiting the plant from breathing. HomeLeisure’s® efficient type of watering system avoids wetting plant leaves, helping to minimise the risk of bacterial infections. Self-watering pots encourage healthy root growth because the water, stored at the bottom of the pot, stimulates the roots to grow deeper towards the water source. When plants have a sturdy root system they produce larger stems and branches that results in a healthy amount of foliage and crop yield. Another benefit is that when you’re away from home for a few days, self-watering pots are useful as you don’t have to worry about watering your plants. You should fill the water reservoir before you leave to make sure your plants have an adequate supply of water.

Photography Credit: photographed in the Stonehaven 46 property constructed by Hallbury Homes.

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