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WiZ Connected’s smart lighting technology can help you say goodbye to the humble light switch and say hello to highly connected IoT@Home devices on your smartphone, giving you the power to turn the lights on and off – wherever and whenever; and allowing you to set the mood with more than 16 million colours and dynamic pre-sets. WiZ makes it easy with its plug and play functionality, allowing you to make time for the more important details. All you need to do is plug a WiZ lamp into the mains or twist the bulb into the ceiling socket and connect to your Wi-Fi. Next, download the WiZ app and choose which room in the house you want to set-up and connect to the light – and voilà. No additional wiring is required; and lighting can be controlled through WiFi, mobile data networks, and existing switches. The WiZ app is intuitive and offers flexibility when it comes to control and integration.

Before any event you can choose and time custom colours or pre-defined colour sets such as Romance, Sunset or Forest to set the mood for the night. WiZ offers flexibility with 64,000 shades of white and pre-set well-being modes; plus 16 million colours and dynamic light pre-sets. You can use voice activation and ask the app to turn on your chosen settings, as WiZ works with Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa. You can customise the brightness to high while in the kitchen; and later opt for a dimmed pink light setting for dining and cozy conversations on the couch. Whenever heading out simply select Vacation mode to experience peace of mind by having your home show signs of life. WiZ not only creates a visually stunning experience but also impacts mood through its intelligent luminaire settings, which means you can create the atmosphere you prefer. It’s available at Bunnings Warehouse stores nationwide.

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