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Gemmill Homes [Perth] has partnered with Perth-based iZone to provide state-of-the-art smart technology in new residential building projects. Via a touch screen interface the iZone system allows you to control your air conditioning, lighting, reticulation, power, entertainment and security; all from your smart device, with a touch of a button – from inside or outside your home. With one touch, you can turn on an appliance, dim the lights, water the garden or turn the kettle on. Or you can even set a schedule, so you don’t have to do anything at all. The iZone system will do all the work. The Wi-Fi and 4G enabled iZone App enables you to control appliances in your home via your smart phone or tablet.

You can create up to nine “favourite” zone scenarios to suit your lifestyle; then schedule these “favourites” to match everyday living. If you add temperature control to house air conditioning, you lower your running costs; and if you add LED lighting control, you lower your energy consumption. You can even add occupancy control, so that if the children leave their bedroom and leave the light on, it will automatically switch off. The iZone system can be scheduled to come on at any time of the day and switch off automatically.

Using the iZone reticulation “soak and cycle system” you can schedule the watering of your plants for fifteen minutes; but break it into three blocks of five saving wasteful water run-off. iZone works with all appliances and can integrate with other brands. It is also designed to work into the future, as you grow into your new home or home renovation.

The benefits of iZone smart technology in residential homes:

  • Future proof: Build your smart home as quickly or slowly as you like. Use one product or get all of them. It ensures the iZone is affordable, flexible and scalable for future needs.
  • Complete Air Control: iZone technology allows you to control the temperature of individual rooms. Direct airflow to only the rooms you choose, for maximum efficiency and savings.
  • Improve your productivity: Remove the need for mundane tasks by using the iZone technology to set a schedule. Improve the productivity of your home by managing all devices and increasing your family’s comfort.
  • Save money on your bill: iZone controller detects if a room is unoccupied. iSense will then automatically adjust the room temperature or switch off the air conditioning to that room. iSense significantly improves energy efficiency and reduces the running cost of ducted air conditioning systems in homes and offices.
  • iZone can be utilised during a home renovation. Once you have the controller it is software and WiFi based. There is very little installation needed. After the controller is installed it can connect to any smart technology in the home. Anything that can “talk” to the control panel can be operated by iZone.
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