Categories: Alfresco Kitchens, Bathroom Tiles, Benchtops & Splashbacks, and Wall Tiles.
Suppliers: Cosentino Australia.

Dekton® by Cosentino is an ultracompact surface – a new category of surface materials – that offers exceptional durability. Impervious to the elements, including scratches, stains, UV rays, fire and heat, Dekton® surfaces offers impressive resistance to thermal shock and impact; is easy to clean; and never needs to be resurfaced, sealed or refinished. Bromo and Milar both have rich, understated, luxurious colourings that harmoniously pair with natural, traditional and contemporary kitchen design. The colours are ideal for a broad range of settings and can be used for façades, kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanity tops, floor tiles and wall cladding in indoors, outdoors and alfresco applications. They are available in 8, 12 and 20mm thickness; and in large-format sizes that allow for continuous surfaces without cuts or joins.

BROMO FROM DEKTON®. Dekton® Natural Collection emulates the elegance and beauty of natural stone with a faithful reproduction of the veining formed by geological processes. Bromo has an organic appearance with a dark blue hue inspired by homogenous metamorphic rock such as slate. It has subtle, faded graphics with fine-grained patterning and a smooth texture for the coveted natural aesthetic.

MILAR FROM DEKTON®. Dekton® Industrial Collection evokes the beauty of aged metals and cement that have rich and complex imperfections developed over time. Milar has a patinated appearance that suggests the tarnished character of sea-worn ships. Its intricate fusion of grey and brown provides full-bodied colour and delicate patterning is inspired by oxidisation.

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