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Suppliers: Hydro Seal Shower Systems.

Hydro Seal Shower Systems have developed a clever modern frameless shower screen solution in a box. HSSS claim it is installed in a fraction of the time of other traditional methods; is simple to install; and leaves an impressive result. Their website has an instructional video showing the ease of installation.


Features and benefits include:

  • Fits first time every time.
  • No drilling required after tiling. No compromising of waterproofing.
  • Contains water inside the shower area once waterproofed.
  • Save time and money knowing your glass is already waiting for you.
  • Can be recessed into slab or bed for a seamless finish.
  • No Hebel or brick hobs required. Hydro Seal Hob can be installed in their place.
  • You are able to flat stick your tiles to the outside of the HSSS Hob. Saves on bedding.
  • Internally there is a guide for the bedding, which also works as a level for fall.
  • Available in 60mm and 42mm versions.
  • The hob is available up to 4.2m long for fixed panels or front only systems
  • There is a 1500mm x 1500mm hob that can be trimmed to any size.
  • If your glass finishes in a 00 or 50 HSSS carries the glass in stock.
  • If you require an odd size, say 1178mm x 1234mm HSSS are able to order the glass immediately so there is still no waiting. These units are priced individually.
  • The wall channel allows for up to 12mm play if the bathroom walls happen to be out of square.
  • Ideal for home renovations, where time is generally an issue. Tradies can confidently promise that the shower glass installation will be finished on a specific date.

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