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Cinderella Eco Group AS is located in Norway. They have recently launched their innovative Incineration Toilet to Australian home renovators and builders; and groups looking for an eco-friendly toilet solution. Distribution is through Retrolooms in Melbourne.

What is an incineration toilet? An incineration toilet burns biological waste at high temperatures, leaving only an insignificant quantity of ash amounting to the equivalent of about one teacup for four people during one week of use. Waste is burned in an enclosed incineration chamber; with the gases from the process expelled through a ventilation pipe. Incineration toilets are a complete waste solution in that they get rid of all waste at once, without having to be collected and transported elsewhere. With the Cinderella Incineration Toilet the waste ends up as odourless, biodegradable ash which you can dispose into your household trash. Incineration toilets are already a popular alternative for toilet installations in remote areas of Europe, as the solution does not require a water supply or a sewer-connection. Cinderella offers several types of incineration toilets using both electricity and gas as sources of energy [still seeking gas-approvals in Australia in March/April 2019].

Why choose an incineration toilet? Challenges regarding water supply, sewerage solutions and infrastructure for vacation homes and other segments are easily solved with the Cinderella. Situations include home renovation projects where a toilet is required in the basement; as part of a roof-space conversion; as part of a granny flat; or as part of a home-extension. The price for the Cinderella Comfort 240V which comes with an installation kit, 500 liners, a liner holder and a maintenance kit, is $6996. That’s all relative when you calculate the alternative cost of installing a septic system for the price of $25K-35K. The cost of the incineration toilet can be compared with the alternative costs of installing plumbing and sewer-connections to arrive at the most economical home renovation budget. Home renovators and new builds often face major costs and strict regulations when installing sanitary solutions. In remote areas, running water, drains and electricity can be difficult to access; but an incineration toilet can make it possible to achieve approximately the same level of comfort enjoyed at home, without major costs and installation work for water and sewerage. Incineration toilets require little space and are simple to install; resulting in significant savings on the total installation cost.

Other features and benefits. Cinderella incorporates software that adapts and optimizes the incineration process according to the amount of waste being processed for energy efficient utilization. Cinderella is equipped with an information display for operational messages; its capacity is high; and the unit will notify you when it is time to empty the ash container. With its clean lines and high-quality finish, Cinderella makes a favourable impression in any bathroom or toilet.

How to use. Lift lid and you will hear the fan start; place bowler liner; then use the toilet. Close lid and press the flush-button. Incineration will commence. If another person wants to use the toilet right after, the incineration will stop as soon as the lid is lifted. The maximum capacity is 12 people; and the toilet will indicate if no more people can use it if the chamber is full and therefore a full incineration process needs to be completed. The toilet will also indicate when the ash-tray needs to be emptied. 4 people using the toilet for 7 days will create a small cup of ash that is completely environment-friendly. There is no smell; and no toilet brush is needed. If the toilet get dirty inside it can easily be cleaned with a nappy-wipe, which can then be incinerated.

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