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Italian appliances brand ILVE has produced a range of sleek induction cooktops that are ideally suited for any kitchen renovation. These black glass cooktops fit seamlessly into any kitchen design; and the all-glass surface with touch control means it cleans with ease. These new ILVE cooktops use advanced induction technology to ensure a seamless cooking experience with instantaneous heat or ultra-low simmer; and an even spread temperature. This means you don’t get any annoying hot and cold spots that can adversely affect your cooking. There are nine accurate temperature settings; heat boost; simmer capabilities; and even a pause mode to give you the flexibility you often need while cooking. These latest induction cooktops have the addition of a multifunctional expert mode; and safety features such as an auto-stop and child lock. Available in two sizes:

  • ILVE Induction Cooktop ILD6E: $1999.
  • ILVE Induction Cooktop ILD9E: $2899.

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