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Suppliers: Fisher & Paykel Appliances.

Fisher & Paykel has introduced a new 12kg Front Loader Washing Machine with ActiveIntelligence™ [$2299] and an 9kg HeatPump Condenser Dryer [$2549] — a combination of technologies designed to provide the ideal wash and dry conditions for complete fabric care.  Removing the guesswork from fabric care, ActiveIntelligence™ senses the size of load and level of soiling; then cleverly adjusts to the ideal wash cycle time. For applicable cycles, this technology works in conjunction with an auto-dose function that dispenses just the right amount of detergent – avoiding wastage. Fisher & Paykel’s specially designed cushioned drum provides a gentle, effective washing action that protects clothes, while delivering an optimal wash performance. This new 12kg Front Loader Washing Machine has 14 fabric care cycles that cater for every type of load including Quick; Bulky; and Handwash. WELS data: 4.5 Star WELS rating.

Over-drying is another cause of fabric damage that can reduce the life of clothes and household linen. Fisher & Paykel’s new 9kg Heat Pump dryer has Auto Moisture Sensing that measures the moisture inside the drum, shutting off at the perfect time to avoid over-drying. With an impressive 8-Star energy rating, this dryer uses heat pump technology to gently and effectively dry clothes at low temperatures. Because moisture is condensed no venting is required; so this dryer can be placed almost anywhere in the home. You can select the right drying cycle for any type of fabric from one of 18 cycles including Ultra-delicate for lace; Outdoor for high performance fabrics; a Warm-up cycle for towels; Jeans for everyday essentials; and Soft Toys for those precious items.

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