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Dulux Paints say that a fresh coat of paint on your doors, windows and fences can be all your home needs to give it a new lease of life. Fences can be easily forgotten during a home renovation, but can make a big impact on street appeal. When repainting choose a colour that is either the same or complementary with your house’s trim to give it a cohesive look and feel, such as Dulux® Dieskau or Oolong.

  1. Gather your painting supplies: Dulux Weathershield® in your chosen sheen and colour; a drop sheet; a flat paddle stirrer; wide paint brush, roller and tray; sanding block; painter’s tape; and old cloths.
  2. To help protect surrounding surfaces from over spray tie back plants; remove any bikes and cars; brush away any existing dirt from the fence; and use drop sheets.
  3. To ensure you achieve the best results possible, use a brush or sand to remove imperfections and peeling paint on older fences; and an anti-moss solution to combat mould, if required.
  4. Open and stir the paint thoroughly, then using a brush begin painting the boards that run along the bottom of the fence.
  5. Paint the valleys between the pickets where your roller cannot reach; then use a roller in a vertical up-and-down motion to paint the vertical panels.
  6. After you’ve finished painting the first coat, wait 2 hours before recoating using the same process. A third coat will need to be applied if the surface is bare timber.


Photo Credit: Dulux Australia

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