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Suppliers: Rogerseller Bathrooms.

A new collection of sculptural bathroom basins, designed by architect Victor Vasilev for Falper, is available from Rogerseller. Falper Ala, Eccentrico and Wave share fundamental design concepts even though their appearances are dissimilar. Inspired by the continuous search for formal and material purity, Vasilev’s designs demonstrate how matter, inspiration and usability merge under the guidance of geometry to achieve the perfect balance between visual and practical coherence for bathroom renovations.

Falper Ala. This 1000mm basin sits proud of the wall, attached only to the splashback or trough, creating a beautiful floating effect. This is echoed by the water that gently cascades into the trough, disappearing into what seems like nothing.

Falper Eccentrico Freestanding and Counter Basins. Eccentrico celebrates the geometry of the circle; and creates a simple and refined dialogue between luxurious materials such as marble, timber and metal in its freestanding state. The vanity basin sits atop a seemingly invisible surface that gives it a raised and somewhat floating aesthetic.

Falper Wave. The contrast between the external squared lines and soft curve of the central downward slope is what gives Wave its name. With no obvious waste, the basin is constructed of two pieces: a rectangular back section; and the wave-like front part that allows water to pass between them.

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