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Suppliers: EnduroShield.

Keeping the bathroom clean for most home renovators is a weekly chore. But there is an easier way to keep the surfaces in your bathroom sparkling clean. EnduroShield’s easy clean coating protective treatment is available for both your glass and tiles in the bathroom. It’s the latest trend in bathroom technology; and keeps glass and tiles cleaner for longer in between cleans. Untreated surfaces are porous and absorb contaminants leading to the deterioration of glass and tiles. Glass can become etched and discoloured; while build-up can occur on tiles. This can make the bathroom time-consuming to clean; and even lead to costly glass and tile replacement. By applying the EnduroShield protective coating, bathroom surfaces are protected against staining and etching that can build up over time. Soap scum, mould and bacteria sit on top of this protective barrier and are easily cleaned off with a microfibre cloth and mild detergent. You can reduce your bathroom cleaning time by up to 90% with EnduroShield.

You can apply EnduroShield yourself, using the simple-to -apply DIY kits. The EnduroShield Home Twin Bonus Pack incudes a 125ml glass kit and a 125ml tile kit, plus 2 microfibre cloths for $119.90. You can purchase this kit on-line at Enduroshield or in glass and tile retailers nationwide. EnduroShield is now pre-applied to glass by many shower screen manufacturers. Whether you are building new or doing a bathroom renovation you can install the shower glass already protected with the EnduroShield coating.

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