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mophie, a ZAGG brand, offers a range of wired and wireless charging solutions. The mophie charge stream pad+ charges Qi-enabled smartphones on contact, freeing up space on your desk or bedroom side table. If you need constant visibility of your phone’s screen and always seem to be running out of charge, the charge stream desk stand may be the one for you. With all the same features as the pad+, the desk stand simply allows you to charge your phone while it sits upright. Most modern smartphones are Qi-enabled, e.g. iPhone 8 and above; Samsung phones and other Android phones too. Qi-enabled smartphones are phones with the ability to charge wirelessly on contact to a charging base; and have been around for a couple of years now. The pad+ is priced at $89.95; while the desk stand is $99.95. Both are available for purchase online; and from retailers such as JB Hi-Fi.

morphie electronics
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