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Panasonic’s SD-ZP2000 Croustina Hard-Crust Bread Maker [$469] creates artisan-quality crust loaves in the comfort of the family kitchen. The ZP2000 Bread Maker has 18 convenient auto-programs for the creative baker: from hard-crust loaves; to gluten-free bread; and even fruit compotes, with the simple touch of a button. It is equipped with next-generation baking, kneading and dough-rising technology; along with state-of-the-art temperature sensors, replicating the techniques, design and structure of a traditional baker’s oven. When the SD-ZP2000 switches on, you can switch off and relax while two state-of-the-art temperature-sensors work in unison to ensure the dough rises consistently during the baking process. To avoid any baking mishaps, this kitchen appliance cleverly uses information from both sensors to select the optimum program to rise and rest the dough. One sensor measures the internal temperature of the bread maker; while the second sensor gauges the ambient room temperature. The SD-ZP2000 mimics a traditional baker’s oven with an optimised heating structure:  the reflective inner lid and heater surrounding the ceramic pan work together to ensure a stable baking temperature for a consistently crisp and authentic crust. It comes in an elegant black colour that complements modern kitchen décor and other benchtop kitchen appliances.

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