Categories: Gardening / Landscaping and Small Benchtop Appliances.
Suppliers: Global Retail Brands.

Global Retail Brands’ on-line division has teamed up with urban Ag technology newcomer Urbotanica to offer home renovators the clever UrbiPod, an Australian designed and manufactured automated indoors kitchen appliance for growing fresh herbs, salads and micro greens in the convenience of the kitchen, irrespective of the season or outdoors elements. Its clever irrigation and nutrient application system delivers the right amount of natural plant food for healthy and sustained plant growth. Using the latest lighting technology, the automated energy-efficient LED system mimics sunlight to provide the ideal environment that delivers plant growth up to three times faster than outdoors.  The mobility of the individual growing pods provides for ease of use; ability to be located outside the kitchen; scalability for those who want to grow more; and generous growing area to support sustained growth of your favourite fresh herbs, salads and micro greens.

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