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Samsung Electronics Australia announced the local launch of Space, a stylish and adjustable monitor designed to help you enjoy a tidy, productive workstation. Samsung Space leverages its sleek design to allow you to adjust the screen’s positioning for maximum comfort, allowing for greater focus and immersion. Its clever stand includes a minimalist, fully-integrated clamp that grips to the back of the desk, allowing the screen to tilt back and forth, while freeing up desk space. To further enhance its minimalist design, cable clutter is reduced with the power and HDMI cords running together through the arm for a cleaner look. It’s available in two sizes: a 32-inch model [$999] that delivers content in stunning 4K UHD; and a 27-inch model [$799] with QHD resolution for detailed, pin-sharp images. The Samsung Space is designed to help address workspace issues and could assist with reducing anxiety by empowering Australians to maximise their productivity through optimised workspaces with reduced clutter.

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