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Suppliers: Ecovacs Robotics.

ECOVACS ROBOTICS released its latest floor cleaning robot, the DEEBOT 710, which combines the latest in floor cleaning technology with a price tag of $499 [on eBay and soon on Amazon]. Equipped with Smart Navi™ 2.0 Mapping technology, the DEEBOT 710 systematically maps and plans an efficient cleaning path, including a comprehensive virtual map visible on your phone via the ECOVACS Home App. Its Max Mode delivers increased suction when needed; while you control it via your phone or voice command as part of a broader Smart Home experience. The Smart Navi™ 2.0 Mapping technology enables whole house mapping and systematic cleaning so that the robot can complete cleaning commands without missing a spot or doubling back. The DEEBOT 710 is equipped with a camera that allows the robot to plan a comprehensive and efficient path throughout the house. Upon completion, you receive a map on your phone, so you can see where the cleaning has been done. It moves safely around the house using its anti-drop sensors to clean around stairs; while its anti-collision sensors and soft cushion bumpers enable it to avoid obstacles and protect furniture. Another key feature of the DEEBOT 710 includes the Max Mode, which tackles tough messes by increasing suction power by up to two times, providing a deeper clean for both hard surface floors and carpets everywhere from the kitchen and living room to bathrooms and bedrooms. Other cleaning modes include Auto and Spot for general cleaning and cleaning specific areas or edges respectively. The lithium battery has a 110-minutes working time once fully charged; when battery power gets low the robot automatically goes back to its charging dock; and it has a one-touch button to command it to start cleaning in Auto Mode. Starting a new cleaning schedule is as easy as just a few taps on your smartphone: compatible with Google Home and Amazon Echo.

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