Categories: Cooking and Dishwashers.
Suppliers: Technika Appliances.

Technika Appliances’ recently released their Professional Series of innovative kitchen appliances comprising cooktops, ovens, freestanding cookers, rangehoods and a dishwasher, available from The Good Guys. Timeless in design, and built to last, these appliances are packed with performance features designed to appeal to home renovators. Capitalizing on the kitchen trend of “black is the new white”, the colour features prominently throughout the collection of four rangehoods, nine cooktops, two freestanding cookers, an oven and a dishwasher. From sleek black glass rangehoods; polished black cooktops; a matte black freestanding cooker; a black stainless steel oven; and dishwasher, the range includes features that improve cooking precision, cleaning and overall functionality.

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