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A recent survey, conducted on the YouGov Galaxy Online Omnibus in May 2019, revealed there are many features Australians find beneficial in a home phone, with spam call screening [53%] and an SOS button for emergencies [41%] the most popular; while more than a third of Australians would like their home phone to have a cordless connection to the base giving them freedom to move around their home. To meet this demand, VTech recently launched a new range of location-free phones. The range features Basic, CareLine and Executive models; and the clever location-free base design allows you to connect your cordless base station to the voice service access point in your home, free from the location of the handsets. You can then place the handsets in any desired location around the home. These new VTech location-free phones are ideal for any situation where the voice service access point is located in the home where having a handset may not be convenient, such as the garage or laundry, as is often the case after connecting to the NBN. The range is compatible with a range of VTech accessories for home security monitoring such as an SOS button for use in an emergency.

VTech location-free phones benefits and features

Features                                                              BASIC    CARELINE            EXECUTIVE

Answering Machine                                                Y              Y                              Y

Slow playback on answering machine                Y              Y

Handsfree speakerphone                                       Y              Y                              Y

Call Block                                                                  Y

Call Guard                                                                 Y              Y

Caller ID announce                                                 Y              Y

Hearing aid compatible                                         Y              Y                              Y

SOS call function                                                     Y              Y

Compatible lifestyle accessories                          Y              Y

Talking Digits                                                          Y              Y

Volume Booster                                                      Y              Y                              Y

VSmart Home Monitoring                                    Y              Y


VTech phones are available at Harvey Norman and JB HiFi [for the 2-handset Basic, Careline and Executive models]; and Big W [for the 3-handset Basic, and Executive models].

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