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Suppliers: Candana Bathroom Ware.

Apasier, available from Candana, is an Australian-owned brand that has been creating dream bathwares for over a decade for those who dare to be different. Apasier creates handcrafted basins and baths to turn any bathroom renovation into a luxury oasis. Each product in the range is made with Apaiser’s signature material apasierMARBLE, which is high-grade luxury marble enriched with Australian minerals. Not only does this make the material beautiful to touch, but it also delivers strength and high performance. This combination also makes the material more malleable, so each item can be hand-sculpted with expert craftsmanship resulting in a product that is design-led and of the highest quality.

Bijoux Bath. Even though small touches can slightly change the feel and look of your bathroom, the basin and bath really set the tone of the room. With big items like these, you want to make sure you are 100% happy with every aspect of them as they will most likely be in the house for longer than you.

Zen Oval Bath. The Zen Oval Bath adds a subtle statement to any bathroom renovation. This piece holds its own in the room and oozes luxury without throwing it in your face. Creating an ideal balance between hard and soft lines, it offers a relaxing and indulgent bathing experience. Carefully crafted with Apasier signature marble, this bath comes in 12 colours ranging from Diamond White to Luxe Grey so you can choose a piece that fits your bathroom design.

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