6.5-litre slow cooker

The Morphy Richards Rose Gold “Sear and Stew” Slow Cooker is a recent addition to its Rose Gold Collection of kitchen appliances.

Hard-crust bread maker with 18 auto programs

Panasonic’s SD-ZP2000 Croustina Hard-Crust Bread Maker [$469] creates artisan-quality crust loaves in the comfort of the family kitchen. The ZP2000 Bread Maker has 18 convenient auto-programs.

Self-stirring multi-cooker with 18 cooking modes

The Multicook & Stir from French brand Tefal features a self-stirring technology and integrated stirring paddle designed to operate according to the selected program to ensure consistent cooking results.

Whirlpool’s range of Crisp n Grill microwave ovens

Whirlpool has developed a new range of Crisp n Grill microwave ovens that allow you to make everything from crispy fries, to baking a cake, roasting a chicken and delivering oven quality, healthy results in a fraction of the time it would take in a traditional oven.