Hard-crust bread maker with 18 auto programs

Panasonic’s SD-ZP2000 Croustina Hard-Crust Bread Maker [$469] creates artisan-quality crust loaves in the comfort of the family kitchen. The ZP2000 Bread Maker has 18 convenient auto-programs.

Deluxe benchtop JURA coffee machine in four colour choices

With a small and simple one-cup design, JURA’s ENA 8 fully automatic coffee machine is smaller than most other JURA machines; and therefore fits neatly onto the kitchen benchtop. The ENA 8 is available in four kitchen design colours: Metro Black; Nordic White; Sunset Red; and Massive Aluminium.

Green coloured appliances

Smeg’s Victoria 110cm freestanding cooker, finished in gleaming pastel green enamel, has just been released [late-2018].

Versatile benchtop blender from Breville

From single serve nutritious smoothies on-the-go; to cocktails and dips for entertaining; this versatile blender [the Kinetix® to Go™ BPB290BKS, $119.95] features a personal blender bottle, full size blender jug and Breville’s clever MiniKinetix™ blade and bowl system for smoother results