Corner bath

Kaldewei offers a full size corner bath [2.0m x 1.0m] in a porcelain-on-steel finish

Two-person bathing

The Kaldewei Plaza Duo is a true two-person luxury bath in which both persons can lay side-by-side.

Coordinated bathrooms

The updated Happy D.2 series, available through Candana Designs, offers a coordinated bathroom solution

Frozen in the bathroom

Inspired by Ice, the aptly named Frozen Collection [from Christiaan’s of Brisbane] takes a different approach to the design of the bathroom

HITEC Shower sealant

In 1986 our now, ex tiler Director Stephen Rapaport was the first to invent a solution to fix that “Leaking Shower Recess” without the need to remove tiles.

Innovative tap system

The Reno Transformer from Quoss is a single mixer system that can be retro-fitted in just a few minutes

Handcrafted luxury

Herbeau Products are handcrafted in France using traditional methods since 1857

Herbeau washbasins

The art deco inspired Monarque washbasin is shown here with the Demoiselles washstand in brushed nickel

Fix leaking balconies

An easy and effective solution that stops balconies from leaking is to brush-on CPC Product’s SHOWER PLUG

Permanent surface protection

EnduroShield is a permanent non-stick protective coating for use on glass, tiles and grout, and stainless steel surfaces in commercial and residential kitchens

Mojo Vanity Range

New to ABL Tile and Bathroom Centre, St Marys, the Australia-made Mojo vanity range offers a choice of three modern Polytec coloured cabinets with three stone vanity-top colours