What’s the secret to sparkling clean bathrooms?

EnduroShield’s easy clean coating protective treatment is available for both your glass and tiles in the bathroom. It’s the latest trend in bathroom technology; and keeps glass and tiles cleaner for longer in between cleans.

DIY upgrade your bathroom with a simple shower swap

If your bathroom feels dated or in need of an upgrade, Methven has you covered with showers and accessories to instantly create a modern look. It can be as simple as screwing a new handset onto your existing hose outlet; or retro-fitting a new rail shower, hand shower or even a twin shower system.

Luxury baths and basins in 200 colour finishes

British bath brand Victoria + Albert Baths from March 2019 offers 194 RAL colour exterior finishes across their collection of freestanding QUARRYCAST™ baths and basins. [RAL is an international colour matching system that defines colours for paint and coatings.] This is in addition to their six standard paint finishes launched in 2016.

Decorative glass panels

Axolotl has introduced a new range of glass surfaces with unlimited permutations. The Spectrum process refers to Axolotl’s proprietary ability to custom-colour the surface of glass.

Solid glass brick in four colours made in Florence

Glass Brick Company recently introduced VetroPieno, a 100% solid compact glass brick that brings together the appeal of traditional bricks and the transparency and luminosity of glass. Manufactured in Florence, by the world’s leading glass brick manufacturer Seves, VetroPieno is available in four colours.

Vent windows for glass bricks

Installing a glass block window no longer means compromising on fresh air and ventilation. The Glass Brick Company can now install your glass brick window with a vent window allowing for free air flow.

Washstand and vanity collections designed by Italian artisans

Victoria + Albert Baths recently released their Candella and Metallo bathroom vanity collections, designed by Italian design duo Meneghello Paolelli Associati. Each of these washstands is made from brass with a polished chrome finish; and topped with a QUARRYCAST™ basin.

Frameless shower screen solution in a box

Hydro Seal Shower Systems has developed a clever modern frameless shower screen solution in a box. HSSS claims it is installed in a fraction of the time of other traditional methods; is simple to install; and leaves an impressive result.