The “Big Gun” of drain cleaners

NCH’s industrial drain cleaner ND-66 is easy and safe to use; and it’s suitable for the public. NCH has partnered with Tradelink to launch a 500ml jar of their industrial strength drain cleaner.

Incineration toilet that does not require sewer-connection or water-use

Why choose an incineration toilet? Challenges regarding water supply, sewerage solutions and infrastructure for vacation homes and other segments are easily solved with the Cinderella. Situations include home renovation projects where a toilet is required in the basement; as part of a roof-space conversion; as part of a granny flat; or as part of a home-extension.

Waterless urinals growing in popularity

The Uridan urinal is engineered to use no water at all; while the innovative built in waste-trap containing the biodegradable uriLOCK blocking fluid ensures a hygienic solution without the need for a flush. Installing a Uridan urinal during a home renovation provides a great opportunity to create immediate water savings.