Metal finishing services for door handles and hardware

Ageing Copper and Brass. Ageing brass involves immersing clean brass into a solution that has been formulated to produce tones considered “architectural”. This is the bronze/brown which deepens with the length of time the brass is immersed in the solution.

Frameless shower screen solution in a box

Hydro Seal Shower Systems has developed a clever modern frameless shower screen solution in a box. HSSS claims it is installed in a fraction of the time of other traditional methods; is simple to install; and leaves an impressive result.

Semi-recessed vanities in a range of benchtop materials

The Emporia Semi-Recessed from ADP comprises a versatile collection offering flexibility. Prices range from $1059 to $2579 for the 10 SLIM models; from $1109 to $2669 for the 10 TWIN models; and from $1199 to $2675 for the 10 TRIO models.

Cast iron clawfoot bath in three colours

Highgrove Bathrooms' Oliver Cast Iron Clawfoot Bath provides better heat retention, so you can relax for a little while longer; and the five foot colours of matte black, gloss white, matte blush, chrome and gold, means you'll be able to customise to suit your bathroom renovation and bathroom design.

Kiln-fired clay sinks in a range of designs

Offering a stylish alternative to stainless steel sinks; crafted from dense natural clay; then kiln-fired at very high temperatures, the fireclay sink has an extremely hard and durable finish that can be shaped and moulded into many different sink designs.

Waterless urinals growing in popularity

The Uridan urinal is engineered to use no water at all; while the innovative built in waste-trap containing the biodegradable uriLOCK blocking fluid ensures a hygienic solution without the need for a flush. Installing a Uridan urinal during a home renovation provides a great opportunity to create immediate water savings.

Square vertical heated towel rail

ThermoGroup’s new square vertical Thermorail heated towel rail can make a bathroom design statement during any home renovation, especially where space is limited.