Innovative pool maintenance

Test strips are the most commonly used means by which pool owners measure water chemistry, but they have two weaknesses

Synthetic grass

Amber’s Easy Lawn collection is a natural-looking, synthetic-grass solution that is non-allergenic, soft under foot, and is ideal for families with children and pets

Pool mosaics

Amber’s Resort collection allows renovators to create their dream water oasis while being environment-conscious.

Retaining wall system

Amber’s latest arrival in retaining walls, the Freestone ECO Retaining Wall system, is a sustainable, DIY vertical retaining wall manufactured with up to 40% recycled glass aggregate

Expansion joints for roofing

BlueScope’s steel building products business, Lysaght, has improved its KLIP-LOK® steel roofing with the introduction of their LYSAGHT LOK-KLIP™ end joint/expansion joint system

New insulation system

Australian foil insulation manufacturer, Green Insulation, has developed a new system named CRIS (Commercial Residential Insulation System), a new concept of using aluminium bubble foil insulation made from reinforced foil laminate

Wall-mounted barbecue

Designed with high rise living and compact spaces in mind, the SMART Wall-Mount electric BBQ [$2,499] from Arisit Appliances is encased in marine-grade stainless steel housing

Gravel binder

Pour On Gravel Binder from StoneSet is a resin that is poured onto loose gravel and then left to dry, leaving a stabilised surface which is both easy to maintain and fully porous

Cordless hedge trimmer

Emerging from WORX’s Home and Garden range, the WG25E.5 20VMax Li-Ion Hedge Trimmer [$169] is a handy addition to any gardener’s arsenal.

BBQs for outdoor-kitchens

The rise of the outdoor kitchen has put the BBQ in the spotlight. Accordingly Smeg has used its indoor expertise to deliver perfectly controlled barbeque cooking in a sleek, beautifully designed built-in appliance