For perfect timber floors

Cetol TFF, from Sikkens Woodcare, is a new water-based clear satin matt finish for internal timber floors, available in 1-litre, 2.5-litres and 20-litre sizes

Pressure cleaning

Kärcher’s K2.180 pressure cleaner is the second part of their outdoor cleaning range

Innovative pool maintenance

Test strips are the most commonly used means by which pool owners measure water chemistry, but they have two weaknesses

Synthetic grass

Amber’s Easy Lawn collection is a natural-looking, synthetic-grass solution that is non-allergenic, soft under foot, and is ideal for families with children and pets

Pool mosaics

Amber’s Resort collection allows renovators to create their dream water oasis while being environment-conscious.

Retaining wall system

Amber’s latest arrival in retaining walls, the Freestone ECO Retaining Wall system, is a sustainable, DIY vertical retaining wall manufactured with up to 40% recycled glass aggregate

Expansion joints for roofing

BlueScope’s steel building products business, Lysaght, has improved its KLIP-LOK® steel roofing with the introduction of their LYSAGHT LOK-KLIP™ end joint/expansion joint system

New insulation system

Australian foil insulation manufacturer, Green Insulation, has developed a new system named CRIS (Commercial Residential Insulation System), a new concept of using aluminium bubble foil insulation made from reinforced foil laminate

Wall-mounted barbecue

Designed with high rise living and compact spaces in mind, the SMART Wall-Mount electric BBQ [$2,499] from Arisit Appliances is encased in marine-grade stainless steel housing

Gravel binder

Pour On Gravel Binder from StoneSet is a resin that is poured onto loose gravel and then left to dry, leaving a stabilised surface which is both easy to maintain and fully porous