Cutting backerboard

This fast, clean cutting TurboShear drill-attachment, from Malco Australia, is specialized for cutting 12.7mm fibre-cement backerboard

Party food makers

You can create authentic, stone baked pizzas in just five minutes with Breville’s Crispy Crust by Pete Evans [$169].

Cherry Pie solid surface

Architectural Designer Products (ADP) has created an impressive Carrara marble inspired finish in their Cherry Pie® Premium Solid Surface range

Solid surface bath

Following-on from the launch of their True Justice basin collection, a range of basins with an innovative soft-to-the-touch feel

Bold range of vanities

The new generation ADP [Architectural Designer Products] Bold collection of vanities available at Tradelink stores

Shear for metal roofing

The new model TSCM TurboShear, from Malco Products, achieves clean precise cuts in corrugated metal roofing panels