Insulated building panels

Bondor InsulLiving® houses are built from fully engineered insulated panels that fit together to form a thermal shell, offering protection from the heat or cold.

Laminated timber for the walls

Quick-Step’s laminate and timber flooring can also be installed on walls and ceilings to create an interesting new look to many rooms of the house.

Built with Gyprock

Situated 320m above sea level, on a steep hill amidst a dense landscape of trees, sits the spectacular Rumney Rest

Cutting backerboard

This fast, clean cutting TurboShear drill-attachment, from Malco Australia, is specialized for cutting 12.7mm fibre-cement backerboard

Sandstone honed masonry blocks

Delivering classic beauty with soft textures and colours, this new range delivers a finish to give any project a stylish and distinctive

Many shapes of grey

Boral is seeing a trend in the use of grey, blue and black bricks for creating statement exteriors

Crash Cam recorder

Uniden has launched its second generation of easy-to-use in-car recording cameras, including a triple-camera model

Versatile spray glue

From craft projects to permanent fixtures, SikaBond Spray Fix is a multipurpose glue for a range of household and decorator tasks

Robert Selkirk bricks

The Robert Selkirk Collection celebrates the original values of his brick business established 130 years ago